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“Livia’s Vinyasa style has a continuous flow with moments of stillness to deepen into the postures and subtle body, always cultivating the importance of breathing. Each class has a different taste, so all you need to do is to come by and experience by your own, so you can let yourself gravitate to the deepness of body, mind and soul.”   

Francesco Diperno

"Livia’s classes probably hold a great responsibility in my being able to return to class time and time again. It has been almost two years now, doing yoga with Livia 3 or 4 times a week, and I am still always amazed at the originality and tailored design of each class. I never felt any of the sequences were repetitive. You can tell she gives her all to each session, making them never dull, always new, always challenging and extremely rewarding."

Alessandra Ipince

" Practicing with Livia is like going on a mini Wellness Holiday! I love her teaching style, always unique and with strong intentions, her amazingly curated playlists that always touch my heart and the great vibe during her classes. With her professional but fun and charismatic attitude she makes every experience with her a special journey to better health, both physically and mentally and makes us always feel welcome and safe."

Tamara Atanasyan

"It is the time you have wasted for your rose that has made your rose so important." This is what a fox taught the little prince and this is what Livia transmits to us.Love, for discipline and for work, devotion, knowledge (a lot), sensitivity, attention. Just some of its features.I have been practicing yoga for several years, but never consistently; until I met and met Livia. I now "follow" her everywhere. :) Always very beautiful and regenerative lessons. I can't do without it anymore.”

Sara Calamai

“Livia made me rediscover the joy of movement. All her lessons feature an extraordinary fluidity with a choreographic character and accompanied by a selection of sophisticated music ranging from jazz rhythms, African beats to 90s hip hop. Livia has the ability to work, even in large groups and uniting all age groups, with each student individually. Finally, the thing that strikes me the most is her natural and effortless way of approaching the spiritual aspect of yoga. Leave the key to the spiritual reading in the hands of each student, everyone is free to participate in her lessons only for the physical side or to rediscover their inner self. The best thing for me was to develop an instrument, which I would call an inner ear, which guides me in my physical and mental well-being. "

Isa Krotz

"I met Livia a couple of years ago as a yoga teacher and I immediately found myself in tune with her way of approaching the different levels of students, from those who had just started practicing to those who had already been doing it for a while. From March 2020, with the lockdown, I began to follow her online lessons first and, when it was possible, in presence much more frequently. Livia's lessons are never the same, in each one she faces different positions and challenges, but always careful to provide you with the right indications for an appropriate alignment, without forgetting the importance of breathing, to improve and deepen your posture. Each time she also adds something very personal about the mythology and philosophy related to the different facets of yoga. Although I am not a very young student, thanks to the practice with Livia I was able to improve the flexibility of my body and to learn a lot! "

Lea Codognato

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