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Our Rituals

At Casa Opy, our rituals are not merely ceremonies; they are profound journeys that encompass the opening of portals, meticulous preparations, alignment with lunar cycles, and sacred ceremonies. These sacred ceremonies and traditions are designed to deepen your connection with yourself, the universe, and the profound wisdom of yoga and nature.


Rituals offer a space for intention setting, mindfulness, and spiritual exploration. From the soothing resonance of sound baths to the heart-opening of cacao circles, these experiences enhance your yoga journey by infusing it with depth and meaning.

All rituals and ceremonies organized by Casa Opy are carried out with qualified and experienced professionals, who bring with them the spiritual commitment and ethic.

Find your Divine Purpose

Prayer is a sacred expression of words, symbols, and sounds. Understanding the meaning behind these symbols infuses them with greater significance. It  becomes a reflection of your innermost intentions,  feelings and beliefs.

Rituals, likewise, are not solely for the divine or spirits; they serve as guides through the ebbs and flows of our minds and personal transformations.

When our actions are driven by sincerity and come from the heart, they take on a spiritual dimension. In this light, everything we do becomes a spiritual journey, a testament to the profound connection between our intentions and the world around us.

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