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Livia Oliveira Yoga


Livia Candido de Oliveira, Yoga teacher E-500 RYT® specialized in Bhakti Vinyasa & Ancient Cultures - founder of Casa Opy.

Livia started to practices In the 2000s, in Brazil where are her roots, giving her a long experience in traditional styles like Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar & Vinyasa. Livia became a certified instructor, E-RYT® 500/YACEP® since 2017, with more than 800 RYT Yoga Alliance of methodologies such as 300h of Rasa Yoga focused on Bhakti Flow; 100h of Advanced Sequencing Mandala Flow; 100h of Awakening Somatic Intelligence that is focused on Functional. Applied Anatomy, Art of Vinyasa Instruction and Somatics; 25h Energetic Alignment; 25h Intuitive Sequence; 200h of Power Vinyasa; 30h of Restorative Yoga; and 20h of History and Philosophy of Yoga.

All this knowledge is deeply connected to the awareness of Mantras, Mudras, Mythology, Pranayamas, Biomechanics of the Body and the incorporation of Vinyasa and its subtle energies.

In 2017, she started to teach on the most famous Yoga studios of Firenze/Italy and to guide retreat, workshops and events around Europe giving her lots of experience with different audiences and bodies. In August of 2022, Livia founded the Casa Opy - a multicultural space for Yoga, Rituals and Soul Enrichment.


In parallel to her work with Yoga, she is a guardian of the Cacao Medicine from the Brazilian lineage of The Goddess & The Four Elements. Livia is also dedicated to the study and sharing rituals and philosophy of the Hinduism; Shamanism; Cacao archeology and Spiritual Commitment in the cultures of Mesoamerica and South American.

Her connection with nature, the experience of raw bodily sensations and the passion for out & inner alchemy allows her to build a recreation of the physical and energetic body through a diverse range of ancestors healing and to immerse her classes both in tradition and into the most avant-garde attitudes.

Livia uses a multidisciplinary approach to guide her students in the search for inner strength and fulfillment through dynamic Yoga and elements that work with nature, energy, the expansion of consciousness and connection with essence.

What her students say?

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